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1. How does the apprenticeship "system" work?
2. Where to find information about apprenticeship
3. Explore trades that you didn’t know existed
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9. Frequently-asked questions (FAQs)

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    (Optional) Work across Canada (“Red Seal (InterProvincial Standards)" Program)

In order to allow tradespeople to work across the country, all provinces and territories in partnership with the federal government have created the "Red Seal (InterProvincial Standards) Program". It permits skilled tradespeople in certain trades (view the list of eligible trades) to work anywhere in Canada. The ‘Red Seal’ endorsement is an additional seal or a valuable recognition that is placed on your Provincial or Territorial Certificate of Qualification/Journeyperson’s Certificate. To obtain it, you must graduate from a recognized provincial/territorial apprenticeship program or obtain a journeyperson level Certificate of Qualification from a province/territory and sit and pass the Interprovincial Standards (“Red Seal”) exam.

         Read the Red Seal on-line brochure (PDF file)
         More about the Red Seal Program
         Visit the Red Seal Web site

If you are interested in working in another province/territory in a skilled trade that is not a Red Seal trade, please contact the provincial/territorial government apprenticeship office of the province/territory where you wish to work to enquire about their skilled trade requirements, and how you can meet them. 

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